Absent minded

Let us not speak before we think. Lets not spread news or things that we dont really know. Lets not jump into conclusion too quickly. Lets not judge when we dont have the power. Who do we think we are? We are students studying in govt institution on a govt scholar. What a shame.


Whatever, birthday! I dont like you! Curse you! You reminded me of getting old. Shit shit shit.. The older i get the heavier the responsibilities! I really hate you! People celebrate birthdays but not mine. Since then i started to hate my own birthday. Its all bullshits. I am getting old but i am lonely. Sounds pathetic even. Gosh i hate so many things. I think a human can hate so many things but they also can love so many things. Fair enough. But how does hate conquers more? Depends on people. Its subjective. End of story. Period.


"when you are trying to impress, you give so much information, and you dont know details about it, its better if dont tell at all"

I am trying to impressssss?????????? Excuse me sir, do i look like i was trying to impress??????
And and and, yeah i admit i do not know or actually memorize the details, but isnt it better that when i gave those little, non-detail and superficial information it will trigger their excitement to explore and discover more themselves later?

Enough of public humiliation. I am done with presentations..

And yeah. I do have a roommate whom i suppose i could talk to. But no. I cannot talk to her in the room because she is not that talkative inside room. I mean, when she and i hang out, yeah we can talk normally. Even it was only about her and her new boyfriend. Yeah. I know. It is hard for girls like us to have boyfriend and how lucky it is if one of us do have one. I mean, yup. That is all she is opened up to talk. Other time its just she and her ipad and boyfriend or whatever not me. Oh dont try to say that i jealous because she has a bf now, because the same thing happened even before she has a boyfriend. Other girls of course are not feeling the same way i am roht now because she is not their roommate. And second, they dont know this girl since 13. Shit. I hate a snoring, parasite roommate. Shitttttt!!! But i swear i will remain as the sweetest girl on earth. Even that now i am angry.

I dont know how i feel about you. Maybe i was overreacting or i am overreacting, but i think i developed a feeling about you. I started hoping on you. Maybe you didnt realize that you make me have hope on you, but, yeah surprise, I do! Now that you dumped me, you make me feel like i am a total loser. My life is not the same anymore now. I mean, i can feel that suddenly i lost you. I dont know if you read this Faris, but if you do, just know that i liked you. Right, maybe you dont give a damn. Fine. Go lead your life happily.